• Why are the offered courses available as subscriptions?

    Basically because we want to keep the according courses and the books from now on as up to date as possible. So we expect to update the content more often within a year. Also we have already planned such things as mock-exams (with a certain cut score and time frame), which we be bundled for free for subscribers. Also a connection to SkillDisplay is already in planning. Since June 2019, we also offer now a "one off" payment without an automated renewal.

  • Do you offer some sort of "agency plan"?

    Yes, we are thinking about such and technically this is already possible. Please contact us as support(at)web-vision.de and send us some details like the amount of people and courses you need.

  • What about courses for Developers (TCCD) and Editors (TCCE)?

    At the moment we hope to get them finished by the end of 2019. For now, you can enlist yourself in the according courses for free, so we can inform you once we have published them.

  • Is xbukku.com a part of the TYPO3 Education Committee or the TYPO3 Association?

    No. xbukku is a private initiative and side project mostly driven by Boris Hinzer. Although Boris is part of the TYPO3 Education Committee, none of his working time or money of the TYPO3 Edu Committee has been spent on this project.

  • I don't want to have an automated renewal of my subscription. Is that possible?

    Yes, since June 2019 we now offer "one off" payments which could also be payed by PayPal. Just choose the course option without the "xx,xx € / year" option.